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TRAI chairman given AADHAAR challenge, Hacker leaked personal details in few hours

Discussions about base and data security are continuing over the last several years. In fact, the basis for identification has been made compulsory from the government schemes to the admission in the nursery and the purchase of the SIM card. The Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court is hearing the mandatory requirement of Aadhaar card for all government services. Meanwhile, RS Sharma, President of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) gave a challenge to the Aadhaar card number on his Twitter handle.

The TRAI chief, while claiming the security of ‘Aadhaar’, was issuing its 12 digit base number and said that someone leaked my figures. Surprisingly, their statistics leaked only a few hours after their challenge. A Twitter user ‘Eliot Elderson’ also made public their address, phone number associated with the base, e-mail ID, date of birth and their photos. Although the address and date of birth were shown.

According to the report of the agency, the Twitter handle of a security expert with the nickname Elliot Anderson is ‘@ foc131y’. In the series of tweets, he released several figures of Sharma’s personal life through his 12 digit base number, including Sharma’s personal address, birthdate, alternate phone number etc. While releasing these figures, he told Sharma that there could be danger of making the Aadhaar number public.

Twitter user Elliott Anderson wrote that they are not against the base, but it is possible to get an idea of ​​how dangerous it is to highlight the base number. Anderson wrote, “The base number is unsafe. People can know a lot from your personal address, alternative phone number. I’ll stay put. I hope you understand that publicizing your base number is not a good idea.

Let us know that Sharma is considered to be among the biggest supporters of the project. They still say that this specific number does not violate anybody’s privacy and the government has the right to make such a database so that it can subsidize the citizens under government social security schemes. The matter of privacy concern about the Aadhaar has reached the Supreme Court.

In fact, from workers to the general public, it is feared that their 12-digit biometric number is not harmful to privacy. Sharma’s tenure ends on 9th August. He tweeted, ‘My base number is 7621776 *****. I challenge you to give a concrete example that knowing this can harm me. ‘ A few hours after this challenge, his personal data was leaked.

Anderson responded with Sharma saying, ‘995858 **** phone number is connected with your base number. This number belongs to your secretary. ‘ With the help of Aadhaar number, Anderson found out the personal photo of Sharma and published by tweeting, “I think this picture is your wife and daughter.” Anderson is known to disclose the loopholes related to the security of the base data system.

He published many details and photos related to Sharma, though he blurred many sensitive parts and published so that Sharma’s personalities were not harmed. The photographs he had published included Sharma’s Pan Card, though his numbers were blurred by Anderson. Let us note that the high level committee, chaired by Justice Srikrishna, set up on data security, has also recommended a major change in the Aadhaar law to increase the security of the personal information of the people.

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