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Police beat up female students waving black scarves at Amit Shah’s convoy

The video of the incident went viral, invoking sharp criticism.

A video has emerged showing policemen beating up two female students who were waving black scarves at BJP chief Amit Shah’s motorcade in Allahabad.

As the video shows, after the students waved the scarves, shouting slogans and preventing the cars from moving forward, male police officers removed them forcibly from the scene, on of them using a baton. A male student was also roughened up.

Samajwadi Party spokesperson and MLC, Sunil Singh Yadav criticised the UP government sharply following the incident. “After this incident, the government stands exposed. As per law, the girls should have been handled by female police. The government is afraid of dissenting students and should answer as to why female police force was not deployed?” he told News 18.

Both Yadav and the UP Congress spokesperson Anshu Awasthi called for strict action against the officers involved in the incident.

Source: Scroll

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