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Baba Amarpuri arrested for raping around 120 woman in temple: Haryana

Haryana Police has arrested Baba Amrapuri in connection with the rape of a woman in the temple. The accused was posted as a mahant in Baba Balakshant temple in Tohana, Baba Fatehabad. Priest in Haryana has raped around 120 women. Police recovered videos taken by rape women. It is being told that the accused Baba had done the incident of rape one day before the arrest ie, on Friday.

People were discussing the shameful act of Baba on social media. It is being said that the video of women’s misdeeds is also shared by those who are sharing social media. When the police got information about this, a case was registered against the accused and arrested. Haryana Police told the media that the investigation against the accused has started.

The police raided the temple premises where Baba was staying. Some suspects have been recovered in the raid on the police.

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