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PM Modi adopted four villages, but did not spend money from the MP fund, revealed RTI

In the four villages adopted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which MPs of the Adarsh ​​Gram Yojna were propagated, they did not even spend their crores with their MP fund. It has been revealed from the reply of RTI.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had instructed all the MPs to adopt at least one village and get the work done for the development of Sasand Nidhi in that village. He himself had adopted four villages. Many BJP MPs gave no significance to adopting village under this Model Village Scheme and many did not adopt any village. The people who adopted the village to show the Prime Minister, their condition is still as bad as before.Interestingly, in the four villages which the Prime Minister himself adopted, not even a single penny has been spent on the developmental works of the MP fund. That is, the Prime Minister had adopted the village only to show off and deceive people. All this has been revealed, in response to an RTI, which has been given by Anand Verma of Kannauj.Anuj Verma had asked in the RTI that on what dates did the Prime Minister adopt, and what works of development have been done with the Prime Minister’s fund from these villages?

In response to this RTI, the project director of Rural Development Agency of Varanasi has written that, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi will give Jayapura Village on November 7, 2014, Nagarpur village on February 16, 2016, on October 23, 2017 at Kakarahiia village and Domari villages 6 April 2018. “In response to the second question, the Project Director has written that, ‘Do not do any work from Hon’ble Prime Minister’s MP fund in the said selected villages. It is clear from this answer that the MP who had beaten the MP Gram Panchayat and promised to the people that his villages would be developed like cities, it was completely fancy. Though the villages which have been adopted by the Prime Minister have some development work, but all the work has come from either government schemes or corporate social responsibility funds.This reply, given to Anuj Verma under RTI, has been viral on social media since two days. Opposition parties have also started criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi on this pretext.



Congress national spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi shared this RTI reply on her Twitter handle. He has written together, “We all know why Modi government is against RTI, because it exposes some bitter truth about the Prime Minister. For instance, he spent Rs 4500 crores on personal publicity, but zero spent on the villages for adoption. ”
Prior to this RTI, Priyanka Chaturvedi attacked the Modi government by accusing it of trying to make changes in the RTI Act and weakening it. It is noteworthy that the past few days have been reported by the Central Government to make changes to the RTI Act, which is being opposed largely.Ajay Rai, who challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Congress ticket in the 2014 Lok Sabha election, has targeted the PM on this issue. In a conversation with a private news channel, he said, “There is no cost to the prime minister’s MP fund on these villages, disappointing. But some industrialists have done development work in these villages, and their purpose is to please the Prime Minister more than these villages. “He said that all this should be checked so that the truth can come out.

Source: Navjivanindia

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