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The RPF team threw a 22-year-old engineer from the moving train, which led to his death

The RPF team threw an engineer from the moving train, which led to his death. The 22-year-old engineer was just so sure that he had made a video by charging money from the people and passengers of the RPF team in the train.

On August 24, 2017 Rahul Singh was going from Delhi to Bihar via Chamble Express. On the same day people found him lying on the railway track of Jhansi in the injured state. When he was taken to the hospital, the doctors declared him dead.

According to the FIR in Jhansi, that day eight members of RPF had boarded the train and were charging money from the people. There were also three women constables in this team. Rahul Singh made his video while doing this.

Allahabad High Court lawyer, Chashmidad Kuldeep Sharma said that the constable was beaten badly by Rahul. When other travelers protested, they were also threatened. After being beaten badly, he was forced to lick the RPF officials from the ground. He was stripped of his gold chain, bracelet and mobile before throwing him off the moving train. However, the railway police had recovered 4,700 rupees from him.

First Kuldeep Sharma tried to file FIR in Mahoba but FIR was not lodged there. Officials asked to hide the reason of death that Rahul did not have a ticket, so he jumped and jumped up.

After this Kuldeep Sharma tweeted Suresh Prabhu about the matter, after which FIR has been registered against RPF Squad.
Rahul's wife is four months pregnant. He was murdered at such a young age because he had raised the voice against corruption. Media is not showing particular interest in covering this story, but Rahul's family is expected to be justice. We hope that his killers will be punished.

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