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BJP member who showed kindness to Rohingya Muslims, expelled from party

Assam BJP's acting executive member Benazir Arfan, who showed kindness to Rohingya Muslims, has shown the way out of the party. Benazir, who has been associated with BJP since 2012, said that on Thursday, BJP state president Ranjit Kumar Das sent him a suspension letter on whatsapp while expelling him from the party. Benazir says that it is my insult to be removed from the party like this, I will complain to the party high command on this issue. Benazir Arifan says that he had participated in a meeting in support of Rohingya Muslims, due to which he was expelled from the party. In support of Rohingya Muslims this meeting was organized by the United Minority People's Forum.
Talking to the media, Benazir Arfan said that the suspension letter he has received has been written in it - a program organized by another organization which was for the support of Rohingya Muslims, you broke the rules of the party, without taking part in the intention of the party. That is why you are sacked from the party with immediate effect.

Benazir says that the excuse of this program is being targeted at me. According to Benazir, some BJP leaders from the local level were not liked their style of functioning and hence they have been made a scapegoat about this small issue.

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