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Girls-shayari and romance, china-pakistan using to trap indian army officers, Watch Video

During this time these female spies show as if they belong to a very wealthy house, but their lives are cut off alone and they are not satisfied with their sex life.

There is a warning news for the country's security and the Indian Army. According to intelligence agencies of Indian agencies, the agencies of Pakistan and China are using beautiful women to trap Indian Army officers in their trap. According to a report by INDIA TODAY, Indian agencies have issued an alert to the officers of the Indian Army and asked them to be cautious with any such effort. Highly-placed sources said, "An intelligence alert has been issued to Indian Army officials and they have been asked to be alerted as the enemy is trying to trap our officials again." According to sources, Pakistan And China's agencies, according to their inferior plan, used to teach Urdu and English-speaking beautiful and bold girls for this job is.

Who is on target?
According to the reports, intelligence agencies of enemy countries are monitoring the internet executives of Indian officials, for example, what kind of websites do these officers visit on the website, who talk to them on social media, etc. Smartphone users of Chinese mobile companies are on special radars of intelligence agencies. Foreign Intelligence agencies are trying to tempt the soldiers who go to porn sites or want to be friends with high profile women on social media.

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