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Head of a Hindu 'Militant' group supremacist is now leading india's most-populous state: NewYork Times

The UP Yogi Adityanath is a Hindu terrorist for the US newspaper. This is written in a controversial article printed in The New York Times.

The title of the article is 'a firebrand Hindu priest ascending the political stairs'. In this article, CM Adityanath Yogi has been described as a donor of Hindu Youth Vahini organization and this organization has been presented as a terrorist organization.

In the disputed article, members of Hindu Youth Vahini have been accused of threatening Muslims from the village, assaulting the cow laborers and joining the fugitives. Not only that, CM Yogi Adityanath has also mentioned about two dozen criminal proceedings, including several serious cases.

It has been written at the beginning of the article that the command of the most populous state of India has been handed over to an elephant who spread hatred for his speeches. Yogi has been presented in this article as a priest with such extremist ideas, who want to establish the power of Hindus. It has also been mentioned in the article that, in order to take revenge on the atrocities of Muslim rulers, Yogi has prepared a youth army, addressing them, they have said that 'we are all preparing for the struggle of the Crusade'.

Yogi Adityanath has also been praised in this article, he has been described as a sincere and ascetic, who is living the life of non-comfortable and pleasurable facilities.

However, attempts have been made to prove the yogi in a large part of the article. The article has also written a lot on Yogi Adityanath's political journey and BJP politics.

In this article, the newspaper wrote that the decision of PM Narendra Modi was shocking, that the PM who used to talk of development and economic progress for three years after coming to power, he chose the Yogi CM as the leader of his Hindu Nation Has sharpened. In the article, the poverty of the country's Muslims has been written to link the Modi government, in the Modi Government, 17 million Muslims of the country have come to the margins of economic and socially.

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