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Voice of Ram a creative film director proves that he is clearly a viral machine, 4 million views in four days

Ram Subramanian, a.k.a Voice of Ram has done it again. The man who is regularly in the news for creating viral videos about social issues (including the infamous Gurmehar Kaur film) has created yet another masterpiece. This new video is titled Riso Woman and it did not disappoint us despite being an advertisement for cooking oil.

The commercial, which is also a huge thumbs up for women empowerment, has already garnered 4 million views in four days and we could see that close to 30,000 people (mostly married women) from India and overseas have shared this gorgeously shot video.  

The 3 minute short film features a young Indian housewife who is backpacking across exotic locations in France and talking about her philosophy about why she is travelling and living out every moment.

We could tell you what the story is but we think you should watch it yourself.

Despite the fact that we did not like seeing her lugging a huge rucksack everywhere (oops, spoiler), we love the message and the way it is delivered.

Hats off to you Voice Of Ram…  Looking forward to your next one.

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