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UP Govt reduced education budget from Rs 2,742 crore to 272 crore, Preparation for illiteracy of youth

The BJP, in its 'Lok Kalyan Sankalp Patra', had promised free laptops to meritorious students. In today's budget, presented by Finance Minister Rajesh Agarwal, there was no mention of the free laptops.

The higher education sector also saw a significant cut this year. Last year’s budget had a provision of Rs 2,742 crore, while this year it was Rs 272.77 crore, marking a shortfall of Rs Rs 2,469.73 crore.

Basic education, however, saw a rise in fund allocation of Rs 5,867 crore from last year’s Rs 15,632 crore to Rs 21,499 crore now. The previous Samajwadi Party government had distributed bags, laptops and other study material and even dinner plates to school children in Uttar Pradesh. Last year,  Samajwadi Party government had sanctioned 1.8 crore school bags for students from Class 1 to Class 8. Midway through the distribution, assembly polls were announced in the state and the distribution had to be stopped under the model code of conduct.

Key points:

  • Yogi Sarkar's budget cuts in education budget
  • 9,414 crores deduction in secondary education
  • Reduction of 2,469 crore in higher education
  • No laptop system
  • Apart from this, the BJP had promised to provide free laptops to talented students in their election promises. But the budget presented by UP Finance Minister Rajesh Aggarwal did not mention any mention of free laptops.

The higher education sector also saw big cuts this year. While last year, the Akhilesh government had released Rs 2,742 crore for higher education, while this year, surprisingly Rs 2,469 crore has been cut by only 272 crore rupees annually.

Apart from this, the previous Samajwadi Party government gave bags and other study material to the children in Uttar Pradesh. Last year, the Samajwadi Party government distributed 1.8 crore bags for students from class I to VIII. Even the Akhilesh government distributed the food plate to the children.

Prior to the UP elections, the BJP had made a lot of public promises for the people of UP in its 'Public Welfare Resolution Paper' that is the election manifesto. The BJP had talked of bringing in a number of schemes in its manifesto to woo youth, farmers, laborers, students etc. But with the first budget of the Yogi Government, the student face of the Yogi Government has come out.


  1. without knowing anything why you guys post fake news and misguide ppl reports like are reason why nowadays ppl don't trust Indian news reports

  2. You should have made a good headline.... most people do not read news they just read headline and then will have a mind set.,. You news media people just want to get easy and fake TRP.... Change your attitude....

    1. We don't share fake news. if you think anything is fake please message us we will remove the post. Our contact email:

    2. Mailed you the exact figure and since proved you a fake news outlet I expect you to pull down this article as said by you or continue spreading fake news.

  3. yogi supporters in the comments claming "news is fake" and "making youth illiterate so they can become thugs is ok"

    1. Agree with you. Because mainstream media don't show these and they think we are fake.

    2. @ India Feed: Definitely you will agree to the guy drinking your kool-aid unquestioned without even reading the lines you posted below the headline.
      You are the example of a wannabe presstitute selling our country and pushing an agenda.

      How is a rise in fund allocation for basic education by 5,867 crore going to prepare the youth for illiteracy? But of course you understand it very well, and as per your retainer from Saudi, you have to start an orange and yellow pretend news website and use your cunning to purposefully distort facts and spread lies.

      Why would you hate on this budget? Do you think impoverished UP farmers nose deep in loan thinking of committing suicide, want to spend money to send their children to school? Did you mention the 36000 crore crop loan waiver?

      Shame on you. You will never succeed in your agenda of hollowing this nation from the inside by your cunning designs, we have been surviving on this land since 1500 BC, and we shall prevail.

    3. The increase in primary education yet major dip in secondary education, in my opinion, is quite indicative of a conscious attempt at changing the fundamental attitudes of society. What you teach to young kids (when they don't have the mental faculties to reason properly) will decide what future generations will think and feel is right and wrong. However not investing in a generation's higher education means you're capping their mental growth, and also the mental growth of society as a whole.

  4. Kripya samachaar padhein, selective khambha noching tatti na padhein, muh ke saath saath dimaag pe bhi hanikaarak asar hota hai.
    is do kaudi ki site ka to maksad siddh ho gaya is bhadkau misinformation pe hamse comment kara ke

  5. UP is breeding on money from southern states and states like gujrat and maharashtra. Time up for UP people to work get money for themselves.

  6. @ arunvarghesee, you are right, but this breeding on your money is not by the UP public. The farmers of UP are so impoverished that they cannot plant crops without loan, they cannot also send their children to school so they grow up to become your autowallahs. Schools colleges are filled with incompetent paid seat teachers from corruption since Mayawati times. There is no pothole free road in UP except Lucknow, there is 8 Hour power cut in UP except Lucknow. There is no industry, there are no jobs. It is actually the sons of Mulayam, who are breeding much and buying that blue Lamborghini from your hard earned money, and not the 'UP people'.

  7. There is actually a 34% increase in Budget allocation for education. Follow the link below for specific dept-wise budgetary allocation of funds.

  8. So as per your headlines, students who have not completed their higher secondary education are illiterate!


    Indiafeed if you are employing "literates" to come up with such misleading news...plz hire "illeterates".

    Otherwise you will become a perfect example of a shameless TRP hungry news portal


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