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OMG!! Youtube deleted all the videos of Dhinchak Pooja from their site

So this is what happened:

All recordings from Dhinchal Pooja's YouTube account has been erased. Yes. Every one OF THEM.

There's a piece of me that is cheerful (and sobbing tears of delight) while a section that is tragic as well (since I will never have the capacity to demonstrate to my future children that there once carried on a legend named Dhinchak Pooja).

In the event that you scan for Dhinchak Pooja on YouTube, her official profile will in any case appear

In any case, on the off chance that you tap on her profile, you'll understand that none of her recordings are online any longer. They have all been brought down.

Upon facilitate "examination" (I feel like Sherlock as of now), in the event that you happen to go to her prior video connects specifically, you'll get this notice

Somebody named 'Kathappa Singh' guaranteed copyright and detailed the recordings to YouTube.

YouTube privacy policy states that you can request removal of a video if someone uploads a video of you without your consent. So whoever ‘Kathappa Singh’ is, he/she must be in Dhinchak Pooja’s videos. Probably in the background or elsewhere.

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