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Hindu nationalism threatens war between China and India: Chinese media

There are many types of reports and analyzes being published in the media of both the countries between the troubled dialogue on the Sikkim border in India and China.

There has been a deadlock between the two countries for the last one month. This area is on the border of India, China and Bhutan. The armies of both countries are face-to-face. China says that Indian soldiers have illegally crossed the Dokalam border. China says that India calls back its troops from Dokmal and India says that China will stop the construction of roads on the outskirts.

Meanwhile, China's official newspaper Global Times has published an editorial comment in which it has said that India's Hindu Nationalism is a threat to war between the two countries.

The Global Times has written that India is constantly working to incite the border and on the other hand, anti-China sentiment is getting wind in the backdrop of Hindu nationalism in India.
The newspaper has written that India has a great suspicion about China strategically. This official Chinese newspaper has written that India sees China as a rival and a strong enemy.
The Global Times has written, "For a long time, it is being highlighted that China is surrounded by India from all four sides. On the other side, China is inviting friendship to invite India to join the forest belt, One Road. India says that the forest belt, the one road is part of China's strategic strategy and is encompassing India. "

The Chinese newspaper has written in its editorial, "After the defeat of China in the 1962 war, some Indians are stuck there. They do not want to move forward. The war has been the cause of slow pain for India and the lump is tied in the same way. In this way, India puts every step of China in suspicion. China's development is seen as a misfortune for India. As fast as China is progressing, India finds itself scared of it. "

The Global Times has written, "There is an enthusiastic demand from nationalists in India that they take revenge from China and this feeling works to increase the tension. Narendra Modi contested the 2014 elections around nationalist sentiment. Modi was rewarded due to the rise in Hindu nationalism. "

The newspaper has written, "Modi has power on one side but on the other hand the influence of conservatives in India is increasing and this is affecting the pace of economic reform. There is a demand for a tough step against Pakistan and China in India. This time, the situation is totally targeted by India, which is meeting the demand of religious nationalists of India. "
This Chinese newspaper has written that if the nationalist nationalism in India comes to extremism, then the Modi government will not be able to handle it because the government has failed to stop the violence against the Muslims after the arrival of Modi in 2014.

The Global Times has written, "Competition in China and India depends on strength and discretion. India is weak from China in the case of national power but its strategists and politicians can not show the conscience of not offering the nationalism to relations between India and China. This thinking of India will put his own interests in jeopardy. India should be cautious because religious nationalism can push both countries into war. "

Image source:  Gettyimages

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