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Business owners are cheating in the name of GST

Regardless of the new laws, the implementing system is old. There is no change in the government system's policy. The system's mentality is still old-fashioned.

After the GST is implemented, the procession of the thugs has landed in many cities of the country. Finance Minister Jaitley's GST was chaired all over the country on the midnight of 30th June. At the same time, TTE RD Soni, GST was introduced in Gujarat queen train going to Ahmedabad from Gujarat and charged GST by passengers. Some passengers made the video and then suspended it. For information that GST is not applicable on railway.

Similarly, on June 30, three persons arrested in Indore, who were recovering from the truck by the GST, after being a GST officer, jumped off the Khalasi and told the policemen coming from the front and they were caught and sent to jail.

In the capital of Raipur, Chhattisgarh, the thugs went one step further and called the bank account holders and asked their dealers. According to the three complaints in the police, the thugs are telling the account holders that after updating GST, bank accounts are being updated, so they are asking for other confidential information including PIN-Password. Money was withdrawn from the accounts of people after receiving the information. After this the information given to the police was given to the crime.

This is the talk of thugs and miscreants but police are not behind them. One ASI of Delhi Police, one head constable and three constables ie five employees have been suspended for recovery in the name of GST. After this, the Delhi Police has asked the traders to send complaints of such police numbers and send complaints to such police. These were the incidents which came in the media but did not mention the actions of employees and employees sitting in the trains of the night by trading in the night. In the night, the drivers and conductor of the trains carrying the goods send extra money for the expenses of the police and officers sending the goods so that the goods arrive at the right time.

Obviously, whatever the new laws become, the implementing system is old. There is no change in the government system's policy. The system's mentality is still old-fashioned. It is believed that the government job is not to be done with vigor and if it is said to be clear, most of the youths who go to recruitment of departments such as police and business tax, consider the bribe as part of the job. The government's job idea for earning has divided the whole system. Regardless of the future of GST, if the government system does not apply it honestly then the results will remain negative.

A businessman of bathroom finishing in Chandni Chowk said, "If the government sticks firmly, then we will give a GST bill, it is now two months, until next year there will be no sternness and then elections will come." These traders express their general and practical understanding about the system. Maybe it's a businessman's understanding or it's mostly business people The work of the raw bills has not closed yet. GST is to stop this work.

But in our markets based on parallel systems and borrowed based businesses, putting tax and bill related items online on the online platform will be extremely challenging for the existing system. Even though the stock market is completely online, there is a box trading and people are stealing tax, so there is little doubt about the future of GST.

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