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BJP leaders arrested for running online sex racket in Bhopal

Bhopal. Sex racket caught in Madhya Pradesh's capital Bhopal surprised everyone. In this case, after the name of a BJP leader Nandkumar Singh Chauhan, he was expelled from the party, but one of his colleagues was still running the business. He has also been arrested on Friday. Its arrest can lead to many disclosures. After the arrest of BJP leader and his companion, the names of several ministers and MLAs may also be exposed, which these girls were supplied.

According to SP Cyber ​​Cell Shailendra Chauhan, many big names can be exposed in the interrogation of the arrested accused last time. The documents that have been received from him are still under investigation. There may be names of many people in it. This network was spread in many states of the country and it was being operated from Delhi. Here, the relationship of many BJP leaders with Niraj Shakya caught in the sex racket has been exposed. His photo has also been exposed with BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya. The Congress alleged that names of many senior BJP leaders could be exposed in this case.

BJP leader booked by making website

The cyber cell of the capital has arrested BJP's Scheduled Caste Front's Media Incharge Neeraj Shakya while running an online sex racket. Shakya had created a website named Bhopal Call Girl, who operated from Delhi with his gang. Its network spreads to many states. Apart from Shakya, four gang members, three customers and four women have also been arrested. As soon as the sex racket was exposed, Neeraj Shakya was expelled from the party immediately by the state BJP president Nandkumar Singh and gave instructions for action.
SP cyber cell Shailendra Chauhan said, "Highprofile sex-racket is running from the website in the Oira Colony. It was being operated from Delhi, in which Bhopal's phone numbers were given. After getting the information the police filed a lawsuit to operate pornographic websites.

Raj opens with arrest
Cyber ​​Cell SP Chauhan says that the arrest of Veeru will open many roles. The police is searching for him in Bhopal, Jabalpur, Rewa. His girlfriends living in Shahpura are also absconding. His business spread to Gwalior, Indore, Jabalpur, Hoshangabad, Itarsi and Rewa. Every city has its agent. The BJP leader Neeraj Shakya and the gangster Veeru (Bhopal Callargal Dot In) created the website three months ago. Through this website, it used to entice customers. Photograph of the caller in the website, the rate is written accordingly. The caller was made available to the customer as soon as the phone was talked. From 10 thousand to 1.5 lakh rupees, the calligler was kept in his gang.

Bring greedy girls
On the website of Bhopal Skarts, the gang was booking girls with huge amount of money. For this, the girls from Meghalaya and Maharashtra had brought jobs to women and they were doing business.
Police detained this gang and massacred the sax racket and made four women their witnesses. Police arrested and arrested all 8 accused, including BJP leader Neeraj Shakya, lodged a case under human trafficking, buying and selling tax-related activities in the body.
Police became customer
Chauhan said, after the website was found, Cyber ​​Cell Police was sent to the gang and made a customer. When they got stuck in the spread of the police, the sex racket was exposed. However, the gang's vicious gangster Beiru alias Veer alias Subhash Dwivedi escaped from the spot. She supplies girls at large and high-profile levels in many popular hotels in the capital.

Such was their network
The cyber crime police of Madhya Pradesh has exposed a nine-member gang, who was booking online to provide girls through the website. The police has also freed four women from Meghalaya and Maharashtra from their prank. This network of girls providing milk was spread not only in Madhya Pradesh but in many states of the country.
Girls from Bhopal city were being booked for a long time by making a website called Bhopal Skart. These people were making a call girl to the people with a huge amount. For this, accused accused Meghiyal and Maharashtra from bringing jobs to the girls and brought them here and the bodies were doing business. Youth coming from many cities of the country had booked girls online and spent time with them on a website called Bhopal Skart or Bhopal Callargal. From this school-college girl to housewife, actresses and foreign students were booked on this website.

Flesh trade in the posh area
When the cybercrime police raided a flat in E-7 arraya colony when they received the information, they were all surprised to see the sight. Here, 9 people met in a suspicious condition, who were arrested. There were also girls with them. The police freed four girls from the Chungal of the accused.
Complaining was getting enough time
The cyber crime police had received complaints that the website was being created by calling the Bhopal Colgall and the customer is being contacted at the mobile number and the girls are being booked. When the police investigated the matter, it was discovered that the gang was carrying body trade for a long time in a flat in Bhopal's posh Colony E-7 Arira Colony.

The excuse of interviews was sent with the customers
After taking big money from the customers, the girls were told to be the company's manager and they were sent alone with them on the pretext of taking an interview. Subhash and Veer Dwivedi were among the accused

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