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2000 notes missing from the market: Bank surprised, people bothered!

According to the media report, there has been a reduction in the notes of 2000 rupees in the market for the past few weeks. According to the Economics Times report, banks and ATMs are also upset with this shortage. Bankers and ATM service providers have alleged that the notes of Rs 2 thousand rupees have been lower than the last few weeks. According to the reports, the Reserve Bank of India has been supplying less than two thousand rupees notes in the last few weeks. With these two points, the market is getting increasingly apprehensive that the government is intentionally reducing the supply of two thousand rupees notes.

SBI COO told ET that they are getting more than Rs 500 notes from the Reserve Bank. According to Vyas, notes of two thousand rupees are only those which are already in the market. Of the total 2.2 lakh ATMs in the country, 58 thousand ATMs are from SBI. SBI is the largest bank in the country.

In order to give new notes of 500 and 2000 after the note-taking, the process of recalibration was completed by SBI at the fastest time. But now the Bank is having difficulty in providing money to ATM machines due to the shortage of notes of Rs. 2,000. ET had written an e-mail to the Reserve Bank of India asking for an answer and did not get any reply.

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